Privacy statement

What information do we collect about you?

  • If you are just visiting this page, and not filling in any forms, we only have the following information: your IP-address, your browser identification and a domain-specific cookie that allows us to see if this is your first time visiting this site or not.
  • you can request a GDPR-compliancy report on your website, for which we will ask your URL and your email.

Who is collecting this information?

  • is an initiative of, started by Peter Forret ( and Ine Dehandschutter ( , two web professionals from Belgium. The address is: Populierendallaan 3, 1850 Grimbergen, Belgium.

What are we collecting this information for?

  • For the GDPR report, we need your email address to send you the report via email later.
  • For the newsletter, we use your name and email address to send you updates on GDPR, WDPR and CHURLIE related developments.
  • We use cookies to allow normal use of the website
  • We use IP address and browser information to analyze and improve the visitors experience on this website.

How long do we keep this information?

  • The GDPR report information is kept for 90 days and then deleted.
  • The newsletter subscription are kept for 2 years after unsubscription.
  • The webserver stats (IP address, browser) are kept for 1 year.

Who do we share this information with?

  • For the GDPR report, we use an external provider for the sending of emails, Mailgun, USA based, but GDPR compliant.
  • Our website, with the request form for GDPR reports,  is hosted in France.

What rights do you have concerning your information?

  • you have the right to access the data we have on you
  • you have the right to rectify the information
  • you have the right to be forgotten